About Freelance Copywriting

Why should you hire a freelancer to do your copywriting for you? Yeah, you can use Google Docs to put words on paper. You know your own brand better than anyone and know how to use a keyboard, so why spend the money? You probably also thought you could do your own business taxes at one point in time. 

Many business owners understand why they need designers, but aren't sure if they really need a writer. That's why I prefer to be called a "Communications Designer". I use my background as a journalist to:

  • gather information about your business and brand
  • filter that into key marketing messages
  • present it in the clearest and most concise format possible. 

Unlike most copywriters, I believe that the fewest amount of words are the most effective.

As a marketer, I'm always working to improve myself and how I present your brand. Beyond copywriting, I offer brand consultancy that place an emphasis on results. Using Google Analytics, I find out how your communications are performing and what demographics are responding. This means ongoing rewrites of site content and SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure that your site reaches the people you want to speak to.

Brand consultancy completes the freelancing circle of life with the next two steps in communications design:

  • use metrics to measure how your brand is faring
  • report on performance of existing content, how to expand the audience, and strategies going forward

3 Reasons to Spend Money on a Copywriter

  1. You are the best at what you do. That's why you run a business now. I'm the best at copywriting. That's why I run a business now. 
  2. Having other people work on your marketing keeps it from getting "tired". Fresh perspectives and ideas revitalize your brand -- for you and for your customers. Freelance copywriters work on multiple brands at the same time. We can implement marketing strategies that have worked for a variety of different companies.
  3. You can measure how effective the copywriting is. Never, ever dump your money into some magical marketing black hole that promises you more exposure without a plan for how to measure that. Results, whether they're positive or flat, help both you and your freelancer understand what speaks to your target demographics.

Yes, I Am the Grammar Police

And that's a good thing for your brand. Without uniform and consistent standards, your brand comes off sloppy and unprofessional. Why should a potential customer drop hundreds of dollars on your piece of consumer technology when they're not sure whether its emissions affect or effect the environment? One of those would a be a very silly selling point. In that same example, would you have used the same "its" and "they're"?

Above all, your marketing should clearly and unwaveringly use clear communication techniques.

As a marketer, I adhere pretty strictly to The Chicago Manual of Style -- just as any marketer should. Keyword: "should". The grammatical style outline in this thousand-page tome doesn't leave any room for misinterpretation.

  • Yes, the Oxford comma is a brand necessity. 
  • Yes, I sometimes use a British style over the Chicago version.
  • Yes, it's okay to ignore the Manual of if you do it consistently and intentionally.


Hire Me

I am the bee's knees at this -- although I prefer to be called "the Oxford's comma" at copywriting. To hire me for your communications design, copywriting, or brand consultancy needs, send me a quick email. I'll meet with you to discover your brand's writing needs and collaborate on a plan that fits your budget and needs.


I'm willing to do anything for a brand that speaks to me, but I do have a few areas of specialization that you can check out in my portfolio. 

  • Consumer or B2B Technology
  • Special Events and Annual Event Marketing
  • Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Taverns, Pubs, Grills, and Food Trucks