Customers trust businesses when they really know their stuff -- and that's a two-way street. The customer wants to do their research to make sure they understand what your product does and how your business conducts itself. They also want to see a business that is on top of industry trends and understands the value of ongoing innovation. Think of your site's blog as a combination of informal press releases, marketing campaign ideas, and cliff notes on the news. 

As a knowledge resource in your industry, potential customers are more likely to stumble upon your page and continue coming back to learn more. There are a couple easy ways to help that happen:

  • Write copy that's fun to read
  • Write about something interesting to your target audience
  • Write in a visually compelling style

The Goals of Blogging

There are four different ultimate goals a blog entry can be written for. The best companies rotate among all four, but stick to one or two most frequently. Each can be beneficial for different types of businesses.

  1. Drive Traffic to your website by using good SEO, keywords, and relevant topics
  2. Facilitate Sales with information about a product/service or lifestyle stories
  3. Character Building for your company -- about green initiatives, employee programs, etc.
  4. Something interesting and easy to Share on social media

Google rewards new content. Blogging is your way to have a constant flow of fresh content on your site. Depending on the business, this can be anywhere between 2 and 14 entries each month!

Think of it this way: if two similar businesses were built across the street from each other and one still had its grand opening signage up a year later, which one are you more likely to give your business to?

What is a Good Blog Worth?

One client had me blog for them four times each month. They sold small machinery parts to repair technicians around the world. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to have a blog, right? But with a fully integrated blog platform with images, this nabbed them a fair amount of traffic for their site. A single blog entry from months earlier that was entirely about their industry and the importance of original equipment manufacturer parts (rather than any of their products) was worth about $88.86 per page view!


Hire Me

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