Brand Consultancy

Where does your business live in the marketplace? Who is your audience and how should you go after them? 

On top of copywriting and communications, I can provide brand strategy on a consultant basis to help expand your message's reach. When potential customers get to know your product and how it adds value to their lives, you can expand again to reach an even more diverse audience. Everybody wins. 

Over the course of 3-4 meetings, I will get to know your company and your existing brand. Then, using your current position in the market and careful research, I will outline a series of future opportunities for your company to take advantage of. This includes all aspects of your marketing, not just copywriting and social media.

A Marketing Agency, at Your Fingertips

When asked, I can bring in graphic designers, website developers, a video production team, printing solutions, and content strategists to execute on-point brand strategy. 

Why Contract a Freelancer?

When the freelancer has different experiences and a great track record, that can freshen up your brand. Move from a stagnant market position into one that's better for getting you sales and growing your brand. One client was honored by the CES Innovation Awards and used my advice and content execution to capitalize on the exposure and build a bigger brand messaging audience. Their email campaign saw the highest open rate in a year and it stood an average of 10% higher than their industry standard.


Hire Me

Want to move forward but not sure how? Get a fresh perspective on your strategy that can invigorate your brand and keep it fresh for everyone to work on and experience.