I spent much of my Internet time in high school ‘lurking’ in message boards of the early Online Times. What I do lately reminds me of that. I' haven’t been writing (hence the title), but I have been following writers and reading about process, systems, and feelings about writing. Like anyone who’s ever thought “Is that writer for that show on Twitter?”, I’ve seen the hashtag #AmWriting. Well… I haven’t been.

I wonder if there’s a word in some other language or poetry that describes this period of the process? Time spent ‘Holding your breath’? A ‘Martin-esque intermission’? ‘Pencils down’?

Instead of writing (or drafting or noting or even dawdling in front of a blank document on my computer…), I have been trying to reconnect with my creative self. Which… is quite a challenge, actually. What does that mean? And further… what does that mean when you have a stressful 9-5 where your job doesn’t involve much creativity (beyond crafting a data story and a dash of brand theatricality)?

For me, it’s meant some to-do lists and trial by error. Here’s what’s worked so far:

  • Taking classes (which is like being in grad school, but you’re at a Sur La Table or podunk improv theatre and designing your own curriculum)

  • Podcasting (Still going strong!)

  • Purging my To Read/Watch/Listen/Play lists (i.e. admitting what I definitely won’t ever get to, and going full Marie Kondo on that)

  • Daydreaming about what I want in life (which helps to think about the kind of creative endeavors I want to have — some surprises here)

What will for you? I don’t know. But this multiple-year period of my life of #AmNotWriting is a bit like being bored as a kid; It’s allowed time to rethink & flourish. Some of the best clarity comes when you’re doing something unrelated to the task at hand.

Stay Tuned for what will happen here next.