Going Beyond Blogging as a Content Marketer

What do blogging, SEO, and social media all have in common? When you know it, you can probably guess how this whole article is going to go. Because as a content marketer, it doesn't make sense that these three areas are often different departments in marketing agencies and big companies. All three areas have one common base:


A talented blogger, social media strategist, or search engine optimizer all do clever things with words. The blogger writes in long form, often referencing other bloggers or different pages of your website. They're your traffic director. The SEO person makes sure that all of your road signs make sense and that it all fits standard regulations. A social media strategist takes your newly designed information roadway and tells the world they can drive on it now.

We can't expect all three of these roles to do a good job separately, though. How much good can a blogger do if they're not sure what SEO means or how many people actually read their words? Does your SEO department struggle to produce anything a human will be interested in reading? And great social strategy can look good on the surface, but how much of that traffic converts if there's no content to back it up?

If These are Different Departments, You're Hurting Your Employees

We measure success. As marketing agencies or comprehensive freelancers, we have to. Without knowing how your work performs, there's no chance for improvement. 

The problem here is that marketing supervisors tend to judge the bloggers on how many people read their work. In reality, the bloggers probably have no idea what that number is or control over improving that because they are not part of the SEO or social departments. It's not fair to judge a third of content marketing based on the whole of it. 

The Best Way to Improve is to Simplify

Let me ask you this: why do you divide content marketing into three distinct parts?

If each area has something to learn from the others, why not have an army of content marketers who do the whole thing instead of a few people in each area? When visiting with a local Columbus PR agency, I asked their CEO about how they ran project management. How they did it is one of the smartest things I've ever seen in an agency. Each account manager only held 2-3 accounts, but also project managed and wrote all of the press releases for their own clients. In essence, each client got a single dedicated contact at this PR firm who knew everything about that client's needs.

If you're a standard marketing department or agency, you probably have to go through a lot of people to get a good answer. You'll start with the account manager or project manager (or both), then move on to the triad of blog/social/SEO, and maybe even go down as low as the interns if one of your marketer's was simply supervising a project.

Make your life and a client's life a lot easier by going with a holistic content marketer for each client. Let one person spend more time on each project (and hold fewer projects). You'll see how much less time your company wastes going between departments and see metrics improve when one person handles the whole picture.

Where Do You Find a Content Marketer Like That?

Start right here. Let me know what your needs are and I'll tell you how I'd handle it as a freelancer. The first consultation is free! Drop me a line to learn more.