How to Survive in a Post-Guest-Blogging World


Have you heard the news? 

You might not have, if you're not in-tune with the SEO and freelance copywriting worlds. Guest blogging has been kicked to the proverbial curb. This week, Google penalized for unspecified reasons -- but undoubtedly under Google's umbrella campaign against bad backlinking and link farming. The site is a rare unpaid guest blogger network to help create a network of links among blogs.

Back in January, Matt Cutts previously declared we should all "stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done".

Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead!

I can't emphasize enough that this is a good thing for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Shady "marketers" that learned how to abuse Google's system back in the day learned that this was a great way to get links and build a bigger network. Google's old system saw these bigger networks as more important.

The Google algorithm is more refined now. In fact, every change they make aligns with their mission of "Don't Be Evil". Instead of trying to trick the web crawlers into thinking that sites are larger than they are, Google is looking for businesses and brands that have something on their own to contribute to the world wide web. 

This means that you're rank on Google now and going forward will rely on your brand's unique positioning in the market.

What to Do Instead of Guest Blogging

As a freelance copywriter, my advice is simple: publish good content.

Here are a couple ideas for getting your business out there instead of using guest bloggers.

  • Hire a Freelance Copywriter! I may be a bit biased here, but I hope this first piece of advice doesn't shock you. If your attraction to guest bloggers came from a need for compelling, knowledgeable content on your site, why not hire a freelance copywriter? Think of a freelancer as your very own personal guest blogger.
  • Sign Up for Google+. You want visibility on search engines? Sign up for a free Google+ account! This gives you a new platform for distributing your content as well as giving you priority in Google search results. Google+ is the perfect way to immediately increase your visibility. You can do this yourself, but a social media expert may be your best bet in getting it done right.
  • Optimize Your Website. Make sure each page has good meta data (not keyword-jammed garbledygook). A good page title also helps here. these can usually be different that what's actually displayed on your website. Make sure you're using all the <h1></h1> tags properly. On top of being easier to read for search engines, new edits make your site look more appealing to the web crawlers.


Hopefully your website doesn't have too much cleanup to do. If this article made sense, but you want to know more, consider a free consultation to learn more about how freelance copywriting can improve your web presence.