Corporate Naming: Scotts All-American Lawns Tour

Scotts LawnService took a campaign public that I worked on. For their customer appreciation sweepstakes, Scotts will be sending a winner and the guest of their choice to famous American lawns (i.e.: The White House, Golden Gate Park, The Biltmore Estate).

I was hired by an agency to contribute corporate naming ideas to their overall sweepstakes design. Based on the elements of the prize package, I came up with 'The All-American Lawns Tour', which has now been turned into this lovely logo below.

Scotts All-American Lawns Tour

Over 42,000 people entered in just over 2 weeks, making this a high-exposure campaign that I named. The high yield wouldn't be possible without an eye-catching name that clearly communicates the prize while simultaneously linking it to the Scotts brand.

Corporate naming and branding are some of my favorite things to work on. They're high-concept projects that usually involve a lot of research and whiteboard sketches. Sadly, I didn't have a whiteboard for this one. Paper got a big dose of love from me, though.