Social Media Management

Social media is a two-way conversation. Yes, it's a great platform for sharing your blogs and content, but it's also a help desk for customer complaints and questions. And since you won't be speaking to anyone on the phone, your social media customer service requires great copywriting skills. Build a tribe of followers with information and contests about your brand. encourage them to share, invite friends, and collect rewards for doing their part!

The Breakdown

  • Facebook - the main hub for customers to 'Like' and share news about your business
  • Twitter - a way to stay engaged in industry conversations and share quick news
  • LinkedIn - a venue for sharing B2B and information about services, also recruiting
  • Instagram - for businesses with something to show off, especially food
  • Pinterest - for tutorials, design ideas, and clothing
  • Tumblr - an image and portfolio sharing platform for the web
  • Google+ - something every business needs for SEO
  • YouTube - a social way to share videos
  • Vimeo - a high-quality way to share videos
  • Foursquare - put your business on the map with geographic social media


Hire Me

Most businesses don't have or need every social media platform. What's listed above are just the top ten heavy hitters in the United States. Find out where you should be directing your resources and how I can help your social media presence in one of my free consultations.